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Our dresses are made in the prettiest printed fabric and suits every women. With beautiful and functional details they are made for every occasion and can be styled just as you may like. View the whole selection on either our customer or B2B webshop. 



Most of our dresses are made in viscose and polyester fabrics and printed with different kind of patterns from more abstract patterns to floral patterns. You can style them in any way you prefer, and use them for both everyday use or formal occasion use. 


All our dresses have different details that both can be functional but also help enhance your curves in the perfect way by for instance having a tie in the waistline to help you feel confident and stylish. The dresses have different necklines so there is something for everyone. 


The dresses comes in different lengths, both knee length and ankel length. 

They also have different kind of sleeves or no sleeves at all. The sleeves can be full length, short and 3/4 sleeves. The sleeves can have details such as being puff sleeves or having smock cuffs. 


Our dresses comes in different styles such as spencer dresses and shirt dresses so there is something for everyones taste.

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