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Delikat stof

Nordmod is the newest member to our family company.

A webshop where you can explore and shop from all of our brands.

Here we strive to give all customers the opportunity to express themselves

through fashion and design. 


Our vision is to create fashion inspired by the Nordic countries. That is why we are called nordmod. 

With a focus on quality and design, we welcome you into our universe, where you can be inspired by new finds for your wardrobe that you can use for many years.

NORDMOD - 4.jpg
Hvidt bomuldsstof


We work together every day to create unique items and we follow the products through the entire process from the drawing board until they are sent out the door and home to you. 


From our office in Aulum, our wonderful designers stay up to date on the latest trends and create new designs. That is why we know the products better than anyone else.

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