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Our leather products are made from 100% genuine leather. On this page you will see a selection of our leather products. To see the entire selection visit our customer or B2B webshop. 

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Biker jacket

Our jackets is not only meant to be a piece of clothing, but an experience of comfort, quality and style, and will help elevate your look. 

A combination of classic design with a modern elegance makes our jacket a must-have in your wardrobe.


Our dresses are made in a soft quality of leather. 

The dresses are perfect for any occasion, whether that may be a formal event, a day at the office or an everyday look.

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Our skirts are made in a nice quality of leather to make it comfortable for you to wear of any occasion. They have functional sidepockets for you to carry around your most important necessities. Perfect to style with any shirt or blouse for everyday.  


Trendy and timeless classics.

Our coats and vests are made in the nicest quality leather. Closed with buttons on the front. They are all the perfect outerwear for everyday.  

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