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Our knit category includes styles such as ponchos, cardigans and sweaters. Our knit is made from different types of yarn depending on the style, but are always soft and comfortable to wear. See our collection of knits and learn much more about each product by visiting our customer or B2B webshop.



Our knitwear comes with different kind of details in form of different necklines such as turtleneck or O-necklines. Some of our cardigans are with pockets as well.

Besides the neckline of each knit being different. The sleeves can also be different and add detail to each item. Some sleeves may be puff, balloon sleeves or traditional sleeves. And they also vary in length. 

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We also make ponchos for you to throw over any outfit on colder days and months. Perfect for having over a mesh top and a pair of trousers. 


Our knits come in different styles. 

From your everyday sweater to a cardigan you can style over any shirt or blouse. 

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