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Our shirts are all different and made with both pretty and abstract prints, and in different materials so that there is something for everyone. They are also made so you can style them just how you may like, whether that be with a pair of trousers or with a skirt. See them all by visiting either our customer or B2B webshops. 

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All our shirts comes in different prints and colors. It varies from more abstract prints to florals and solid colors or animal prints. With the different prints we guarantee that there is something for everyones taste.


When designing our shirts we add different details to each one, to make it unique and so that you can find something for your taste. 

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Whether that may be a V-neck, a regular O-neck or different types of sleeves, such as half sleeves, 3/4 sleeves or sleeves with smock cuffs, batwings, puff sleeves or ruffles at the end of the sleeve.


Our shirts comes in different styles. Such as classic shirts, pretty blouses or basic T-shirts to wear under any jacket or for a day where you just wanna keep it simple.

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