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NOOS is our collection of basic items and selected leather items. To see the collection of items in either category, go to the catalogue page, here you'll see both catalogues of the items included in the collection. Or if you already know your purchase visit our customer or B2B webshops.



Our NOOS - BASICS includes a series of items. It includes things such as underdresses and tops, but also more everyday basic items, such as shirts with details like lace sleeves or a mesh shirt. Some of the items may come in black and white and others just in black.

Besides the previous named items, it also includes shapewear, this comes in two different tops, one black basic and the other with a lace V-neck, but also as shorts. All in black.



NOOS LEATHER is a collection of our leather products. It is such as our leather jackets in different styles, fits and in the different colors black or dark cognac. 

Besides our leather jackets our NOOS LEATHER also counts for leather shirts, dress, pants and skirts. Some of these items may also come in either black or dark cognac.

11134_dark cognac_f_2.jpg
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